Your Hosts

Michael Greco  is a veteran of the Chicago and Los Angeles voice over markets. He started his career back in Chicago the mid-90’s, when the advertising industry shifted towards the “non-announcer” read. Luckily for Mike, he non-announcers really good and he’s been hawking fast food, beer, insurance, retail, cars, etc., ever since. Most of Mike’s training was had at Chicago’s Second City and Improv Olympic, where he performed for several years before heading out to Los Angeles. Now entrenched in the L.A. VO world, he’s expanded his work into cartoons, including The Green Lantern for the Batman/Superman Hour, countless characters on the anime hits Blue Dragon, Digimon, Zatch Bell and Bleach, and, most recently, a character on Disney’s Special Agent Oso.

Stephan Cox has been a voice actor in the industry for over a decade, voicing thousands of commercials and promos. Currently, he’s the voice of Ford for Southern California, the voice of numerous shows on Spike, and the voice of the MGM HD Network. Additionally, Cox has appeared in scores of videogames, starred in the Lego film “The Adventures of Clutch Powers,” been DirecTV’s national radio voice, and has narrated and promoted shows and series for Showtime, MSNBC, TLC, National Geographic, The Science Channel, TV Guide Network, and E!, Animal Planet, the Travel Channel, Discovery ID, and scores of others. The highlight of his VO career? Getting to talk shop with the late Don LaFontaine while recording an episode of “Family Guy.”