Where to Find Voiceover Auditions

Once upon a time, there was really only one way to find voiceover auditions. You had to move to a big city, usually LA, New York, or Chicago, you had to put together a voiceover audition reel, find yourself an agent, and then that agent would submit you for work.

The auditions that you got happened in one of two places, either in casting houses, or, in some cases, in your agent’s office, in an often hastily-set up recording booth. And that was it. (And Michael and Stephan are both old enough to remember these arrangements. Vividly. Don’t judge.)

One of the best casting houses in the industry is Voicecaster in Burbank. Check out our interview with Mr. Voicecaster himself, Huck Liggett.

Nowadays with the internet, there are so many opportunities. (You kids don’t know how good you have it.) This isn’t to say that the traditional path is closed; agents still exist and submit talent for what’s often high-profile union work.

But if you’re a beginner, or would like to get started slowly, there are a number of places online to find opportunities. In addition to sites like www.voice123.com, and www.voices.com, Backstage Magazine’s website also has occasional listings, as does Craigslist (though an unsurprising number of these listings don’t offer pay). If you’re starting out, there’s Fiverr.com, and even if you are fairly experienced, there are a number of levels that you can now charge on Fiverr (here’s a book about that if you’re interested). There are actually quite a few places to choose from, particularly if you do an online search, but be wary. If you want our advice on a site, feel free to email us.