Voiceover Training

One of the most essential things a voice over actor can invest in is good training. Even veterans who have been in the business for decades still hire and work with coaches regularly, and even take classes to keep their skills sharp.

Check out this interview with Stephan’s coach, Jodi Gottleib:

The world voice over is constantly changing and evolving, particularly in the field of commercial VO, where the sound of the voices you hear often reflects the trends and tastes of the moment. Right now, authenticity and relatability are what casting people and producers are after. And this is precisely where lessons and training and make the difference: it’s surprisingly challenging to take words written by someone else and make them yours. A good coach can get you there.

The animation world is another place where a professional coach can make all the difference. A lot people get into voice over because they can imitate a fair amount of different voices and want to get into cartoons. But many find it challenging not only maintain those voices over consistently, or to creates and maintain original character voices. Again, a good trainer can get you there. If you want to be totally blown away, check out this interview with the Man of a Thousand Voices, Pat Fraley, on how he teaches his techniques:

Even if you don’t live in a big-market city, you can always find a reputable teacher, because many these days teach via Skype. Email us if you’d like a recommendation!