Cartoon Voices

A lot of people (Stephan included) grew up wanting to become a voice over talent because of all of the cartoon voices he used to hear every Saturday morning. You know, all the greats: Mel Blanc, Frank Welker, Casey Kasem, June Foray, Daws Butler, Peter Cullen. People whose voices you knew long before you ever knew who they were. (This was back in the days before, kids.)

Both Stephan and Mike have done their share of animation voice over, and in the process, they’ve gotten to meet a ton of amazing cartoon voice actors and talk to them about what they do. People like the awesome Bob Bergen.

Did you know that Bob Bergen cold-called Mel Blanc at home when he was a kid? Check out the interview. It’s a great story.

Also guys like Bill Ratner, the character voice of Flint from GI Joe:

And let’s not forget the amazing Pat Fraley, man of a thousand voices:

And the current voice of Velma from Scooby Doo, our pal Mindy Cohn:

Also listen to this highly informative interview from animation coach and Hanna Barbera veteran Ginny McSwain

If you’re interested in doing cartoon or character voices, do check out these interviews. These folks are total rock stars!