Anime Voices

About 25 years ago, the previously unknown world of anime came to America, and with it came a seemingly endless stream of Japanese cartoons overdubbed by American anime voice actors.

The genre has exploded, with multiple shows and even more spinoffs available across virtually every medium and platform. That Voiceover Podcast has been proud to host interviews with a number of the biggest names doing voice acting for anime, including the always-delightful (and also our pal) GK Bowes.

Did you know that GK is also a trained scientist and was an Olympic hopeful who ran collegiate track? Man, the things you learn listening to this podcast!

We also spoke to the equally delightful Kate Higgins, who’s got just as many credits to her name:

Did you know that Kate is also a professional musician, and was also the promo voice for the Disney Channel? Again, there’s so much to learn here on TVOP!

Mike has done a fair amount of anime himself, working under the steady direction of Jeff Nimoy. Check out their discussion here:

We’re very fortunate to call these people our friends and colleagues. We hope you enjoy the insights they have on offer here!