This week we talk with the one and only Mocean Melvin. You might know him from his work on Nissan, but he’s done tons of narration over the years, and is probably best known for his work narrating the NBC show, Who Do You think you are?, among numerous others.

Mocean is all about the hustle. And in particular, he’s all about thinking about this business and how you can get ahead in it, in very innovative ways.

Rachel Butera is the best female impressionist out there. You might have caught her on America’s Got Talent, or you might know her from the Howard Stern Show, or you might know her from the tons of animation that she does.

Either way, it’s an episode full of voiceover advice, impressions, and plenty of ha-ha.



You probably know GK Bowes work for her voice work on a million video games and anime shows, but there are a few things you probably didn’t know… like the fact that she was an Olympic-hopeful track star, or that she’s a micro biologist!

Read GK’s profile in Polynesian People


We’re incredibly proud to be featuring this interview with the amazing promo producer and coach, Jodi Gottlieb.

She shares a ton of inside information about how to approach the modern promo audition and gig, plus she dishes on the grand old man of promo, Ernie Anderson. Definitely worth tuning in for…

Mike and I kick it the whole off with tips for auditioning from home, plus a whole lot more. Join us, won’t you?

Oh, and here’s the Ernie Anderson TV piece from the 80s we mention. Check out that young Paul Thomas Anderson!

TVOP Welcomes Jeffrey Tambor!

You know Jeffrey Tambor for his award-winning work on Transparent, in addition to Arrested Development and the Larry Sanders Show (Hey, now!), but he’s also done his share of voiceover, as King Neptune in the Spongebob Squarepants movie, as a character in Monsters vs. Aliens, and even as the announcer on Hollywood Squares. He’s also […]

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